Microsoft PowerPoint 2016 Step by Step

Chapter 3: Create and manage slides

Because you can collapse entire sections to leave only the section titles visible, the sections make it easier to focus on one part of a presentation at a time.

You can collapse sections to provide an “outline” of long presentations, with the number of slides in each section displayed in parentheses

TIP  If you’re collaborating with other people on the development of a presentation, sections are a convenient way of assigning slides to different people.

Some templates include a slide layout, similar to the title slide layout, that is specifi- cally designed for section divider slides. If you divide a long presentation into sections based on topic, you might want to transfer your section titles to these slides to provide guidance to the audience or to mark logical points in the presentation to take breaks or answer questions. To create a section 1. In Normal view or Slide Sorter view, select the slide that you want to be first in the new section. 2. On the Home tab, in the Slides group, click the Section button, and then click Add Section to insert a section title named Untitled Section before the selected slide. To rename a section 1. In Normal view or Slide Sorter view, do either of the following to open the Rename Section dialog box: ● ● Right-click the section title you want to change, and then click Rename Section .


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