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FEB 2018


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than going through the jury system. You have to show that they got hurt on the job, as opposed to tort law, where you have to prove someone is at fault. I liked the idea of representing the injured worker and seeking justice on their behalf. In this role, you’re representing the little guy who is out of work, trying to get by with no funds, and receiving no money. You’re up against the insurance company that has all the resources in the world. They can hire all the people they want. It’s a little bit like David and Goliath, and I find it encouraging to be on David’s side. Our firm is very focused on providing excellent service to our clients. We are problem solvers, and if our clients have problems, we’ll do anything in our power to solve them. Being involved in our community is also important to us. Our client appreciation party last year was a highlight because we got to interact with so many great people. We had a grill out and enjoyed food and drinks and great conversation. I’m looking forward to even more community involvement from our firm this year. Tennis is my biggest pastime and the way I unwind after work. I usually play five days a week, weather permitting. I played in high school, both singles and doubles, but I focus on singles now because it’s more of a workout, which I need. I mentioned that I went to UG, so it may come as no surprise that John Eisner is my favorite tennis player, and I’ll be sure to catch the match on TV when he’s playing. My favorite part about this job is being able to settle a case with terms that ensure my client receives a satisfying outcome. When someone comes to me, they’re hurt, possibly feeling desperate, and not getting any income. If I can settle a case so that it puts them back on their feet and they can return to the workforce, that’s my favorite.

My father was a police officer and a detective. In the summer, he’d go to court, and because I wasn’t in school, I went with him. This early exposure to a lawyer’s role in the judicial system sparked an interest that blossomed into my career. In court with my dad, I watched as the lawyers prosecuted people my father had brought in, and then I watched as the defense presented evidence to support the same people. It seemed that both sides were an important part of the justice system. I had a lot of respect for what they were doing and I admired the work. “That’s something I would like to do,” I thought. Of course, the reality of achieving your dreams often takes more effort than simply thinking about them. I had to get good grades to make sure I could pay for law school, and I worked to get a high score on the LSAT. Once I got to the University of Georgia, I found law school to be a tremendous amount of work. Classes were very hard, but despite that, I’m very glad I did it. In particular, my tort class became an area of interest. Torts are civil wrongs committed against someone, and I thought I might practice this type of law. But when I got out of law school, I found my way into workers’ comp law, and I’m happy my career led me here. With workers’ comp law, when someone gets injured, you have an administrative system where they can get relief, rather

If you find yourself in that situation, we are here to help. David against Goliath.

–Ken Smith



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