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January 2020 Successful companies differ from those that fail by maintaining a firm vision for the future. They don’t just disrupt the market in the short term – they try to change the business landscape for good. Successful Businesses Change The Game With A Vision For The Future To survive, most companies don’t need to follow the pattern of disruptive innovators, inching into a miniscule portion of market share each quarter. Instead, they should look to what they’re already good at and amplify their skills while keeping an eye on potential applications for the future. Blockbuster underestimated the impact Netflix would have on the market. John Deere saw the power of big data and decided to implement it in new game-changing technology. The iPhone completely changed the world with its forward-thinking design.

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Jesse Itzler is a man of many talents. He spoke at a recent conference this past fall and brought a lot of great business insight with him. Itzler got his start as a rapper in the early ’90s. He worked with artists including Tone L ō c, wrote a song that made it to the Billboard Hot 100 (“Shake It Like A White Girl”) and wrote and sang the New York Knicks theme song, “Go NY Go.” He then went on to write the theme songs for over 50 other professional sports teams. But it turned out that as much as he loved the music business, it wasn’t his true passion. Itzler was an entrepreneur at heart. He had a lot of ideas he wanted to turn into reality. One of those ideas stemmed from his short music career. In

1996, he founded Alphabet City Sports Records with a friend. The business served pro sports teams and remixed songs for their use. In 1998, Itzler and his friend sold the company. Then in 2001, Itzler moved on to his next major venture: Marquis Jet. This company would quickly become one of the biggest and best- known private jet companies ever. They offered prepaid access to private jets, and it became wildly popular. In fact, in 2009, Warren Buffett’s Berkshire Hathaway bought Marquis Jet (Berkshire Hathaway is also the parent company of NetJets, which offers fractional ownership of private jets).

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