COVID-19 Perspective

Post-pandemic, there will be heightened demand for spaces that limit exposure and reduce the likelihood of getting infected. Some examples of venues and rooms that will hold higher priority are: rooms with more than one doorway to offer delegate flow by dedicating one entrance and one exit, private but spacious group social spaces immediately outside the meeting room and venues with limited or no access to the general public in key areas. In addition, venues with modern quality hard top desks (rather than clothed tables) will be best suited to maintain the highest standards of sanitation. Nick Hoare of etc.venues further comments “we are adapting our operations by offering 25% more room free of additional charges. We can offer many of our spaces exclusively which will minimise exposure to general public or other groups. It will be interesting to see if demand for certain venues will increase as repurposing and remodelling of client’s office space is considered, with the creation of more collaboration and creativity areas replacing rows of desks. In addition, working from home may become more of a norm and might result in a greater need for teams to come together in a more structured environment offered by smaller meeting venues.”

Nick Hoare of etc.venues, UK & US


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