Both the venue operators and suppliers surveyed tend to agree that breakout rooms are used more now than they were before. Suppliers also report increased demand for smaller rooms (90 pax. or less) and decreased demands for larger (100 pax. or more) fixed seating rooms. Many operators strongly agree that their venues will offer more collaborative/networking meeting space outside of the meeting room in the next three years to meet growing demands. European 65 venue brand, Chateauform’, note that it is good to have easily movable chairs and flipcharts so that participants have the have the option to form breakouts in the garden for example.

Example of a third space at etc. venues, Chancery Lane in London UK.

COVID-19 Perspective

This aspect of meeting environments may experience the most radical change in preference, as fixed, well-spaced meeting room layouts are required to avoid attendees moving seats closer together and breaking health guidelines. There is likely to be careful consideration given to different physically distanced room layouts that support different meeting objectives. In addition to this likely change, the downward curve of group sizes may become even more prominent.

UCLA Luskin Conference Center, Los Angeles — Plateia Courtyard View Lobby


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