Of the operators surveyed, 73% said they provide human nature connection of some sort. Some common ways respondents provide human nature connections include:

• Artwork hung throughout the meetings spaces and/or property

• Maps of walking and running trails

• Well designed outdoor spaces used for events and/or recreational use

Outside meeting space developed by Warwick Conferences, UK.

• Ambient soundscapes

Does your venue do anything to provide human nature connection?

No; 27%

Yes; 73%

Venues without much greenery or outdoor spaces can also provide human nature connection through the use of soundtracks, placing plants and artwork around the meeting space or property, using furniture made from (or that resemble) natural materials, incorporating natural light and much more. Delphine Boisard from Chateauform’ UK & USA says that having a memorable feature in the meeting room (which can be anything from a quirky coat hanger to accent pillows) makes a difference as it helps break the ice when participants arrive and helps them distinguish their own meeting room from the others after refreshment breaks. Adding unique touches can also help with marketing as they are “Instagrammable” — an especially important characteristic to have during the digital age.

Delphine Boisard from Chateauform’ UK & USA


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