COVID-19 Perspective

Jessie States of MPI believes that we will see more venues investing in low and no- touch technological solutions for everything from check-in and registration to meal and drink delivery and more. COVID-19 will leave a legacy of people being much more comfortable with participating and engaging remotely at meetings in future. Venues have already factored into their re-opening plans, the need to offer new services and staff to support hybrid events, with remote attendees participating. It is further anticipated that there will be gaps in knowledge and ability for those who arrange meetings, to be proficient in adding a hybrid element and will seek solutions where this can be offered by the venue. Mariela McIlwraith of EIC anticipates seeing individually packaged and sanitised speaker kits with microphones, slide advancers and cloud-based presentation management rather than USBs In addition, companies with meeting attendees from multiple locations may choose the multi-hub approach and bring smaller regionalised groups together and then use technology to join these groups. For IACC venues, who collaborate extensively, this presents an opportunity to assist with multi-hub meetings.

Crestron Mercury All in One Meeting Solution.


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