As planners pick up on this, they are also more likely to consider venues that operate in a more environmentally friendly way. We asked respondents about the different sustainable practices that their venues offer. 89% of all respondents said their venue manages food waste. Closely followed by programs to reduce the consumption of single-use plastics, which 82% of venues currently offer. IACC’s own European Chapter, representing over 140 venues, signed up to a pledge in 2019 to eradicate single use plastics. When it comes to single use plastic products, our results show 69%– 61% do not use single use drink cups, indicating a movement towards eliminating single use plastic products. However, just over half of venues surveyed (56%) still offer drink products in plastic bottles. It is typical to give out plastic water bottles to attendees at meetings to ensure hydration and many venues still continue to do this, however, as we find that 82% of venues now have in place programs to reduce the consumption of single use plastics, plastic bottles will soon be replaced with mugs and beverage/water dispensers.

Does your venue offer

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Single use hot drinks cups in meeting rooms




Single use hot drinks cups in guest rooms




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