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Holiday Hacks for the Busy Professional

4 Tips for a Less Exhausting Holiday Season

The holidays are an incredibly busy time of year. Between work and home, it can feel like there isn’t enough daylight to get everything done. We have projects to complete, emails to answer, dinners to plan, gifts to buy — and family is coming in from out of town. Is it possible to take care of everything and not be completely exhausted by the end of it? While we can’t answer that definitively, we can share a few “holiday hacks” to help you get more out of your time.

Take frequent breaks. When you have a lot going on, frequent 5–10 minute minibreaks can go a long way in easing the mental pressure. Don’t hesitate to take brain breaks throughout the day. Go for a quick walk around the building or neighborhood. Read a chapter of your book. Play a quick game on your phone.

Say no to the kitchen. When your time is precious, why spend a lot of time in the kitchen?While some find cooking a joy, others find it burdensome. If you’re in the latter group, it’s okay to go the boxed or prepared meal route when time is short. Boxed meals can still be prepared with love, and you can get high-quality frozen dishes or freshly prepared meals from your favorite grocery store. The time and energy you save is worth the investment.

Put work aside. Give yourself blocks of time to focus on one thing at a time. You may be tempted to multitask, but for your mental health, don’t do it. Focusing on one thing at a time produces better results (this applies equally to cooking as it does to client work) and you’ll feel better through the process.

Delegate — at home! You delegate assignments at work, so why not do the same at home? Start with your immediate family and work your way out. Give everyone a task: Someone does the grocery shopping. Someone is in charge of a main course dish. Another is on side-dish duty. Others get dessert. Don’t forget to assign a clean-up crew. Save yourself for the tasks you REALLY want to do.

In 2020, we have more options than ever to make life easier. So, enjoy the holidays a little more by doing the things you love and using these tips to make the most of your time and energy this season.


After a serious accident, the prospect of choosing and calling an attorney might be overwhelming. “I’ll call the attorney tomorrow,” you tell yourself again and again. The problem is that, while the hesitation about lawyers is understandable, your case is running on a strict clock. You might not find out when that clock stops ticking until it’s too late. As soon as the incident occurs and you’re charged with a DWI, you absolutely cannot wait to call an attorney. There are many long-term consequences of getting a DWI, and not all of them are obvious. For example, if your lease states that a clean criminal record is necessary to keep your home, you could be evicted. You could lose your driver’s license, get your vehicle impounded, and lose your job as a result of company policy or the inability to commute or fulfill driving duties associated with your job. You may be prohibited from renting a vehicle, as well. And that’s not all. Other consequences of having a DWI on your record include:

Increased health insurance premiums

• Difficulty finding employment without a clean criminal record

Loss of pilot’s license

• Delays in or termination of citizenship proceedings

Loss of the right to vote or own a firearm (in felony cases)

Substantial court fees, legal bills, and fines

Mandatory court-ordered Texas DWI/DUI classes

Worst yet, your first DWI case could cost upward of $17,000. That’s not a price tag most people can afford, but if you’re able to get an attorney right away, there’s a lot an attorney can do for you to decrease the risk of these consequences. If you or a loved one is charged with drinking and driving, don’t wait to give yourself the gift of time and high-quality legal protection with Medlin Law. We wish you all a safe holiday season!

Negative effects on your credit rating

Increased auto insurance costs (or cancellation of coverage) | Pg. 2

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