Electric Vehicles: How To Win Over Customers

The Positive Way



How to move beyond t he e s s en t i a l po l i t i c a l s uppo r t and i ndu s t r i a l t ran s - f o rma t i on n e eded—t o deve l op s e r v i c e s , i nvo l ve a l l p l aye r s , a nd e ngage l o c a l a u t h o r i t i e s .

As a result of taking a customer standpoint, the electrification of vehicle ownership envisaged by France’s Multi-Year Energy Program appears less a gradual evolution and more a genuine challenge. As a response to climate and other environmental issues, it sets some very ambitious goals for the transformation of France’s vehicle stock: 4.8m electric cars in private ownership by 2028. France’s Orientation des Mobilités (Future Direction of Mobility) legislation should provide some levers, but it’s still at the draft stage. Beyond these legislative tools, this major transformation requires significant effort across the whole value proposition and involves a range of business sectors and pub- lic-sector players—at all levels.

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