NLC Enjoy - Fall • Winter 2023

Maker's Mark 101 Bourbon Whisky · $ 97 .16 750 ml • Sku 24476

Angel's Envy Bourbon Whiskey · $ 79 .98 750 ml • Sku 26496

A bolder rendering of the original Maker’s Mark. Expect warming notes of brown sugar, toffee and spice on the nose. The palate is rich and creamy with spice, fruit and caramel followed by a mellow, creamy midpalate finish that pleasantly lingers.

Pours a deep amber with aromas and flavours of almond, honey, apple, cinnamon, and blueberry compote. Full-bodied and elegantly smooth with a long-lasting finish. This bourbon is finished in port wine barrels, which adds distinct flavour nuances that enhance the whiskey without challenging it.

Signal Hill Founders Select Whisky · $ 59 .99 750 ml • Sku 28149

Basil Hayden Toast Bourbon Whiskey · $ 69 .99 750 ml • Sku 24711

This limited over-proof production intensifies the whisky's delicate nose of honey, vanilla, dried fruit, and spice. Savour the richer and bolder mouthfeel and finish that is both full-bodied and well-balanced.

From Clermont, Kentucky, in the heart of bourbon country, an exceptional whiskey consisting of dried fruit, toasted oak, and caramelized sugar aromas. The palate has vanilla, sweet caramel, and baking spice notes. The finish is long-lasting and balanced.

Suntory World Whisky Ao · $ 104 .99 700 ml • Sku 28136

Rabbit Hole Cavehill Bourbon Whiskey · $ 77 .49 750 ml • Sku 26738

Settle into the smoky taste of Suntory World Whisky Ao and traverse its fruity notes and smooth, sweet mouthfeel. Suntory blenders wove this complex flavour profile from diverse climates and cultures to deliver multiple experiences to different settings and different people.

Upon pouring, you will immediately detect aromas of spice, honey and fresh apples. On the palate, creamy flavours of orange, honey and mint with hints of toasted grain. The finish possesses notes of vanilla and custard.



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