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With the Andes Mountains providing desirable, high altitude vineyards and ample run-off for irrigation, the vines thrive in ideal soils and climates – with many referring to Argentina as the “garden of Eden,” when it comes to grape growing and winemaking. Unbeknownst to many, Argentina is the world’s fifth largest producer of wine. The Argentinian climate provides ideal grape- growing conditions therefore producers in this region are able to offer amazing wines with great value. We offer a variety of exceptional wines from Argentinian producers. Next time you are looking for that perfect bottle, consider reaching for one of these fine selections.

Piedra Negra Alta Coleccion Pinot Grigio · $ 19 .95 750 ml • Sku 20303

Norton Barrel Select Malbec · $ 17 .93 750 ml • Sku 9088

Mendoza Province

Mendoza Province

While many of us might be familiar with this producer's amazing red wines, this crisp, crowd-pleasing white should not be overlooked. Bigger in body than most, this example is close to being termed “gris,” as opposed to “grigio.” In addition to being a great aperitif, this dry, aromatic white pairs nicely with most poultry, shellfish and seafood dishes.

The malbec grape variety is synonymous with the Argentine wine industry, accounting for the majority of this country’s wine production. Norton provides the consumer with amazing bang-for-the-buck. Keep this gem handy for your next fall BBQ, as it is an ideal partner for grilled red meats slathered in marinades or barbecue sauces.



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