What’s Upwith Facebook?

A rundown on how Facebook is changing the Marketing Game

Mark Zuckerberg says that ad media is crowding out personal interaction on Facebook and that Facebook will be making changes to encourage more user to user social engagements and less direct advertisements.

BE seen


• Space in the news feed is limited. With these new changes, it will be even more important to prioritize the content you choose to publish. • Frequency no longer means exposure. Scale back how often you post and focus on quality over quantity. • Create content that will lead people to interact with each other without instructing them to do so. • Provide instructions to your fans on how to turn on the “See First” option on your business page.

• Posts that spark conversations and ‘meaningful interactions’ between people will now be prioritized. • Comments will now be more valuable than likes. • Focus on getting people to connect with each other. • Avoid engagement bait! Don’t use any language that lures people into commenting on your posts.


•Due to video being primarily a passive experience, short 60 second videos will be seen less. Same goes for animated loops, GIFs, & memes. • Live video on Facebook gets 6x the interaction than other content. It has the potential to be maximized as a new way to advertise on Facebook, achieving the interactions that will be prioritized on a user’s news feed. • Take advantage of live video and try to make it a part of your strategic advertising (especially because this feature is free!)


• Master Facebook ads. • Groups are successful because they involve meaningful engagements, encourage users to join groups and interact with your business on another level. • Remember, less quantity and more quality posts.


Facebook’s changes will affect the way we all use Facebook to advertise. By decreasing the amount of ad content it’s users see and directly demoting ads on user’s news feeds, marketer’s will have to implement new strategies to reach their target audiences and find a way to make them interact and connect with each other. Instead of bombarding user’s with posts and asking them to like or leave short comments, businesses should start longer engagements between users in order to boost their reach and have their posts prioritized.

What is Engagement bait? and howto avoid it.

A rundown on Connecting with your audience... not baiting them

5 Types of “bait”

What is not Baiting

• Vote Baiting/Using Reactions: Asking people to vote using reactions

• Help: Asking people to help solve a problem or answer a question • Advice: Asking people to weigh in on a topic • Recommendations: Asking people about their experiences on various topics

• Share Baiting: Asking people to share the post

• Tag Baiting: Asking people to tag a friend or business in the comments of post

Check yo self! Make sure to Use Facebook’s features in alignment with their purpose

• React Baiting: Asking people to React to the post

Comment = Connecting with others Share = Spreading helpful information React = Showing an emotion

• Comment Baiting: Asking people to intentionally leave a comment without intending to bring value

Stay on Facebook!

Have a Consistent voice!

• Use a Branding Language: Choose words or phrases that represent your brand’s values and mission • One Voice: D esignate one person to post on your page • Watch Your Tone: Have an authentic tone that naturally invites fans to interact with your posts

• Avoid Links: Give your audience a reason to stay on Facebook, provide call to action specifics in your posts • Create Custom Ads: If a link is necessary create custom ads or boost for maximum reach

SO ALL THIS MEANS.. . When you post highly engaging and valuable content, people will interact with your posts organically. Don’t try to beat the system by baiting people to engage with your posts.

Howcan i be seen?

A rundown on the best ways to make sure your content is being seen by your audience

• Posts from the people or pages that you select to See First will appear at the top of your news feed • Users can only select 30 profiles or pages to See First • See First selections are prioritized over other news feed content, however, they are not ranked amongst themselves • See First is different from close friends because See First selections won’t send notifications • Encourage fans to turn on the Sea First function under the Following tab See First is a news feed preference that users can set so they can prioritize what content they are being exposed to on Facebook. • Anybody can set up and manage a Facebook group • Users can join up to 6000 groups, which means it’s not as exclusive as the see first list • Groups can be private and secret, which allows an exclusive audience to be reached within the group • You can create events, upload pictures and videos, and share files within a group • On the feed, groups are a great way to collaborate or provide help, advice, or recommendations Facebook groups are a place for people to come together around a common interest and share related content. • Facebook ads are geared to make sure that users see ads that are customized to be useful and relevant to them specifically • When choosing ads, advertisers can define who they want to reach based on factors like interests, age, location and more • Facebook shows ads to people that match the advertiser’s target audience, based on information they gather from their online activity Facebook ads are a great way to let businesses and organizations connect with the people who are most likely to be interested in their products and services.

See first


To create quality and relevant content to appeal to your audience so that they would want to add you to their See First list

Facebook Groups


To use groups as a great opportunity to get your audience engaging about your business/ content in a way that uses Facebook’s guidelines properly

Facebook Ads


To use Facebook’s ads so that you’re getting the most reach with your targeted audience. Facebook ads are the most direct and likely way that your content is being circulated and seen by potential customers


To ensure your reach and content is maximized as much as possible, users should utilize Facebook’s already available features within the new guidelines. See First, groups, and ads all have their place and hierarchy on Facebook, so the goal is to utilize them in the most effective ways possible.

Everything to dowith Live Video

A rundown on tips and tricks on how to make live video work for your business

Technical Setup

Prepare and Plan

1. Have access to a tripod, computer, and stabilizer. 2. Learn to use the Pages app to broadcast your LIVE. 3. Turn off the portrait lock on your phone. 4. Find the best lighting! 5. Have a device (laptop, ipad, or phone) to monitor the live feed while it’s happening. 6. Let people know when you will go LIVE! Have your live videos on a consistent schedule to keep your followers up to speed. 7. Edit your caption once it ends to add tie stamps. This outlines your video for easy viewi

1. Create an outline (not a script) and plan your timing out (5-30 minutes). An outline will allow you to stay on track without being stiff like a script! 2. Know your goal! Whether it’s to add value, to be informative or introduce something, or to help your audience live a better life. Know what you’re trying to accomplish before pressing the button! 3. Share your purpose in your caption! 4. Have a strategy! How are you going to go about achieving your goal? 5. Announce at the beginning that you will have a Q+A at the end of your video. This encourages your audience to engage!

Calm yo Nerves!

What facebook has to say...

• Go over your outline verbally before starting! It helps to be familiar with what you’re going to say before going live. • Stretch, breathe, and prepare your mind! Going live can be stressful if you’re not confident and relaxed, so take a minute, collect yourself, and get focused! • Slow down and notice your pacing! Here is where your written outline becomes your golden ticket! Stick to it and refrain from rambling.

“ I see it as a way for people to have a more authentic and intimate experiece sharing about their lives... and their businesses! ” - Mark Zuckerberg/ MAA


Using LIVE video allows businesses to engage with their audience in a way that fits all of Facebook’s new guidelines. It’s an easy way to directly and efficiently connect with people and have them also connect with each other.


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