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September is Self-Improvement Month, and one of the most impressive people in my life when it comes to self- improvement is my wife Cheri. She’s always striving to do her best, beat the odds, and overcome her personal weaknesses. In our years together, she has survived a bout with cancer, brought me two wonderful children, helped me run two businesses, and pushed herself to the limits of physical fitness as a CrossFit coach — and she’s still aiming to do more.

Cheri’s 51st birthday was this summer on July 13, and, to celebrate, I decided to gift her another step in her self- improvement journey in the form of tickets for a four-day Tony Robbins event in Dallas, Texas, called Unleash the Power Within. It’s a challenging program that includes hours of empowering workshops and seminars each day. We’d seen Robbins before in Chicago, and I’d been struck by how much Cheri enjoyed it. She normally doesn’t like crowds, but she seemed to have a great time even though we were surrounded by thousands of people in the United Center, and she had to talk to dozens of them. When I asked her why she was so happy — it was a big surprise to me — she said her dislike of crowds was a hang-up she wanted to overcome. She added that, in the end, facing her fear hadn’t been as bad as she thought. Before our trip to Dallas, Cheri was nervous about going, but we agreed the best way to deal with fears is to face them straight on. We all have

to work to improve in some areas, but we can do so little by little. The way I think about it, life is like a football game. You gain yardage, and, hopefully, in the end, you gain enough to make a difference.

always room for improvement, but we’re gaining yardage every day.

That said, I’d like to give a huge shoutout this month to all of the employees on that self- improvement journey with us. Labor Day is a reminder to appreciate everything you do, but for us, every day is Labor Day on our production floor. We couldn’t be successful without your hard work, and we hope you realize how much your happiness means to us. Though Cheri and I did spend a chunk of our summer embarking on a Live Life Journey, we also made sure to take time out for ourselves, and we always encourage our staff to do the same. At Lynnpro, we don’t work late or come in on weekends, and our motto is “Live life. Don’t just exist in it.” Whether Cheri and I are going to concerts, riding our bikes, working in the office, or spending time with our grandchildren, we do our best to live up to that motto every day. If you choose to buy from Lynnpro, you’re buying into that philosophy, too. –Jeff Saxby

We put that same philosophy to work at Lynnpro; we are always striving to improve. We provide a framework of goals and core values for our employees to work within and aim to treat our customers as friends and coworkers, not just anonymous voices over email or the phone. As a result, we’re well-known in the industry for our great customer service and top reviews. Each new initiative we try comes with an adjustment period — employees, like kids, sometimes push boundaries before they settle into new ways of doing things — and there’s

“Life is like a football game. You gain yardage, and, hopefully in the end, you gain enough to make a difference.”

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