City Lights Apr. 2020

April, 2020

DeSoto City Lights A Publication of the City of DeSoto Community Relations Department Are You Prepared for Severe Weather Season? As spring approaches, we are faced with the threat of severe weather.  During a severe weather  incident, such as a tornado or flood, preparaƟon will make all the difference.  The City encourages all  residents to 1.) stay informed of approaching severe weather, 2.) learn how to understand weather  warnings, and 3.) have a disaster supply kit and communicaƟons plan with them and their family.  The City’s CodeRed Emergency NoƟficaƟon System is a good way to stay informed.  Go to the City’s  homepage and follow the CodeRed link to sign up to receive voice, email or text messages.  The  system will allow the City to send you informaƟonal messages and emergency alerts from the  NaƟonal Weather Service about situaƟons as they occur.  Alerts can be received on mulƟple devices  such as home phone, work phone, mobile phone, text messages, and e‐mail.  Similar early warning  messages were found to have saved lives in the tornado that hit Nashville recently.  Understanding weather warnings issued by the NaƟonal Weather Service such as watches or  warnings can someƟmes be confusing.  A watch means condiƟons are right for dangerous weather.  A  warning means that the dangerous weather is threatening the area.  For severe thunderstorms,  tornadoes and flash floods, a warning means the event is occurring and you should take shelter  immediately. 

It takes Ɵme to recover from large scale emergencies.  Planning and preparaƟon will make a huge  difference.  City services will respond to high priority, life threatening incidents first.  You may need to  relocate or evacuate with liƩle or no noƟce.  Having a pre‐prepared kit with survival basics such as flashlights, a change of clothes,  food and water (including for pets), and first‐aid supplies will be vitally important.  AddiƟonal suggesƟons to have in an emergency preparedness kit include:   • BaƩeries, portable devices, radios, vehicle cell phone charger   • PrescripƟon medicaƟons   • Back‐up power for medical devices or extra portable medical oxygen cylinders   • PlasƟc tarps and tape or stapler   • Insurance policies and other important documents and contact informaƟon   The City’s Outdoor Warning Siren System may be acƟvated for any kind of emergency – not just  severe weather.  People oŌen have the misconcepƟon that the sirens are meant to be heard indoors.  However, the siren system is  intended to alert people who are outdoors.  You may not hear the siren inside or in noisy areas. When you hear the Outdoor Warning Siren System, you should immediately go inside, seek shelter in the lowest level, most interior  space of your home or office and tune to local news or radio for addiƟonal informaƟon.    The Outdoor Warning Siren System consists of strategically placed sirens that acƟvate for one or more of the following condiƟons:     A tornado warning issued by the NaƟonal Weather Service that may affect the city   Trained storm spoƩers have reported a tornado that is in or has the potenƟal to affect the community 

 DestrucƟve winds in excess of 70 mph sustained wind   Reports of hail larger than 1.25 in diameter or larger   Other emergencies as directed by appropriate officials. 

For addiƟonal emergency preparedness  informaƟon, go to, or our City webpage.

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