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KNOWLEDGE BEANS a human resource newsletter issue no 45 | Apr 2012


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Success is not a well trodden path but is full of thorns. Only a person with a cause can traverse and transform this journey. Editorial Board of Knowledge Beans got an opportunity to interview an individual with zeal and passion creating his own destiny with a dream of nation building. Prashant Pansare, an aspiring cricketer had to sacrifice his ambition and turned towards becoming an engineer like any other middle class family child. After completing his education, Prashant established a very impressive corporate career track record. He witnessed industrialization, understanding how process integration happens, accidentally driving him towards information technology. This was a turning point as he was carving his own entrepreneurial journey unknowingly in IT. He is very grateful to all his previous employers and bosses who guided him through his voyage as an employee. Prashant was successful but not ‘satisfied’, as his work was not providing him with enough challenges and opportunities for innovation and value creation beyond managing ‘cost and quality of operations’. Prashant believes that employees in any organization are expected to fly high with their wings being cut. This experience planted the seeds in his mind to start up his own venture in this field. With a firm belief to set up an Indian MNC he decided to groom and develop talent in IT and change the mindset of people as to –“Why do I work?”

Prashant is the Founder, MD and CEO of Inteliment Technologies, a niche business analytics company,aligning technology as a key enabler for strategic advantage and business transformation for fortune 500 clients. He is a serving Vice President of the Software Exporters Association of Pune

(SEAP),a corporate member of CII and YI.As a corporate member,he is involved with several projects and initiatives of NASSCOM, CSI, and TIE and is on the regional committee of Indo-American Chambers of Commerce.


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Shubhangi Bhosale , Consultant, Atyaasaa Consulting Private Limited, is an enthusiastic Human Resource professional with 2 years of experience in the field of Training and Development,AssessmentCentre,EmployeeEngagementandOrganizationDevelopment.She is an avid researcher and writer and has worked on various research projects with world class companies. Whydo Iwork? Itsoundstobeastupidquestionwhenaskedtomanyandtheobvious answer to it is we work because we have to. But the question is thought provoking. Some people just work while some work for their passion and cause. Knowledge Beans through this issue puts light onwhat is the core reason for why peoplework? Ankita Velankar , Associate consultant, Atyaasaa Consulting Private Limited, has completed her Masters in Business Administration and has majored in Human Resource Management. Her wonderful interpersonal skills help her in creating quality relations and enhance her learnings in the field of training and development. She is highly passionate about learning languages, teaching and dancing. Sharewith us your views and opinions on the theme – “Employee engagement –Need of the hour!” Do send us a 300 word article sharing your views and opinions on the theme, alongwith your photograph in jpeg format and brief profile.

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