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KNOWLEDGE BEANS a human resource newsletter issue no 45 | Apr 2012


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Success is not a well trodden path but is full of thorns. Only a person with a cause can traverse and transform this journey. Editorial Board of Knowledge Beans got an opportunity to interview an individual with zeal and passion creating his own destiny with a dream of nation building. Prashant Pansare, an aspiring cricketer had to sacrifice his ambition and turned towards becoming an engineer like any other middle class family child. After completing his education, Prashant established a very impressive corporate career track record. He witnessed industrialization, understanding how process integration happens, accidentally driving him towards information technology. This was a turning point as he was carving his own entrepreneurial journey unknowingly in IT. He is very grateful to all his previous employers and bosses who guided him through his voyage as an employee. Prashant was successful but not ‘satisfied’, as his work was not providing him with enough challenges and opportunities for innovation and value creation beyond managing ‘cost and quality of operations’. Prashant believes that employees in any organization are expected to fly high with their wings being cut. This experience planted the seeds in his mind to start up his own venture in this field. With a firm belief to set up an Indian MNC he decided to groom and develop talent in IT and change the mindset of people as to –“Why do I work?”

Prashant is the Founder, MD and CEO of Inteliment Technologies, a niche business analytics company,aligning technology as a key enabler for strategic advantage and business transformation for fortune 500 clients. He is a serving Vice President of the Software Exporters Association of Pune

(SEAP),a corporate member of CII and YI.As a corporate member,he is involved with several projects and initiatives of NASSCOM, CSI, and TIE and is on the regional committee of Indo-American Chambers of Commerce.


Atyaasaa Consulting Private Limited is a leading Human Resource Training & Consulting Organization partnering with some of the best brands in the country and overseas. Atyaasaa has been a catalyst & a contributor in their quest for people development and business excellence. The core differentiator of Atyaasaa process is continual innovation, unique customization and use of state of the art technology tools implemented through ethical and experienced operations and human resource facilitators having contribution as their core value. Write to us For information : info@atyaasaa.com For contributing articles : atyaasaaeditor@atyaasaa.com For suggestions : feedback@atyaasaa.com

Shubhangi Bhosale , Consultant, Atyaasaa Consulting Private Limited, is an enthusiastic Human Resource professional with 2 years of experience in the field of Training and Development,AssessmentCentre,EmployeeEngagementandOrganizationDevelopment.She is an avid researcher and writer and has worked on various research projects with world class companies. Whydo Iwork? Itsoundstobeastupidquestionwhenaskedtomanyandtheobvious answer to it is we work because we have to. But the question is thought provoking. Some people just work while some work for their passion and cause. Knowledge Beans through this issue puts light onwhat is the core reason for why peoplework? Ankita Velankar , Associate consultant, Atyaasaa Consulting Private Limited, has completed her Masters in Business Administration and has majored in Human Resource Management. Her wonderful interpersonal skills help her in creating quality relations and enhance her learnings in the field of training and development. She is highly passionate about learning languages, teaching and dancing. Sharewith us your views and opinions on the theme – “Employee engagement –Need of the hour!” Do send us a 300 word article sharing your views and opinions on the theme, alongwith your photograph in jpeg format and brief profile.

KNOWLEDGE BEANS a human resource newsletter

issue no 45 | Apr 2012

continued from previous page | CAUSE: A ROADMAP TO PASSION : Prashant Pansare He was a first generation entrepreneur and had to face a lot of criticism and challenges. He knew he cannot climbmountains without the risk of falling. As an entrepreneur, Prashant had a large risk appetite and mitigated it very well. He unfolded his ideas in IT solutions and services sector. Prashant founded Inteliment with nano investments, young team, and limited resources. He aimed at building a niche company, developing innovative solutions in business analytics, mobile technology and open source. To his credit, he has several global customer acquisitions, successful execution of strategic projects and product development initiatives. Prashant shares, the first question he asked himself as an entrepreneur was ‘why do we exist’. After some introspection, he realized that he wants to give back to the society by building an army of soldiers well equipped with high end technology. He is a man driven by cause and wants to serve his nation by being a flame to the candle. This led to

various CSR initiatives taken by his organization right fromday one like ‘think green’, women empowerment, helping HIV patients, blind and orphans. “No matter how successful we are, no matter how secure we are there is always a drive to domore, to achieve more. He is a unique inspiration for all who dream to fly high and reach heights.


Niket Karajagi

WHYDOWEWORK? Niket Karajagi is the Founder Director of Atyaasaa Consulting Private Limited, Pune which contributes to top corporate brands globally. He is an established international management consultant and an innovative human resource trainer with niche areas of expertise and contributions. Niket is an authority on creativity and innovation, emotional intelligence and statistical methodologies apart fromhis operations background in understanding of management processes.

5. The fifth reason is learning . These professionals have a deep need for learning and will take up challenging projects. As long as there is learning they will be with you. The day the learning stops, you lose them. Though everyone does say they are here to learn but it is mostly not true. 6. The sixth reason is they want to constantly create something new . They are great innovators and surely an asset for the organization. Too many of these could actually create highly innovative organization but without any sustenance of what has already been created. 7. The seventh reason is self-actualization . These professionals know what they want to do and pursue it diligently. They derive satisfaction through creation, destruction of what is not working and sustenance of what is working. They work with an internal inspiration and are the best people you can ever have. My message in this article is very clear, “help people discover the seventh reason and you will surely create world class companies”.

I meet approximately 500 new people every month and it intrigues me ‘why people choose to work?’ My informal discussions have reached a point of understanding that people work for seven reasons and I list them hereunder with a brief synopsis of each. 1. The first basic reason that drives people to work is pure simple sustenance of life . This is a problem area. This brings monotony and boredom at work and is a sure shot approach of mediocrity at work. The idea here is simple, remain activity oriented even if results are not accomplished. The frustration of not doing monetarily well seeps in and creates deeper aversion to work ultimately. 2. The second reason is they like to work . However this is mired with aimless activity and they get involved in any kind of work. Though on the face of it everything looks nice about them but there is surely no orientation towards career goals. These are high energy individuals who are all over the place. 3. The third reason people work is status and power . The characteristic of this style of work is gratification from increase in influence by controlling extra people, better projects and designations. This style is hollow and egoistic. People operating with this style are surely very difficult to get along with. In the long run, frustrations and stress create work issues for them. They live in a severe state of conflict which ultimately takes its toll on health and relationships. Life remains a fight always. 4. The fourth reason is a sense of contribution . These individuals are good as they want to help people and organization grow. They want to use their talents to help people however the risk here is, that they could forget their own goals. This style could be marked with a lot of compromises because relationship orientation is very high.

KNOWLEDGE BEANS a human resource newsletter

issue no 45 | Apr 2012

A situation arose three years ago in a high growth company. The company was facing issues related to internal processes and structures. The organization failed to tap this need which led to supervisors’ discontent and hostility towards the organization. This unrest noticed by the management demanded a solution through a behavioural intervention. In retrospect, the organization had undergone interventions in the form of training sessions that focused on improving the manufacturing processes, but not on behavioural aspects. Intervention strategy The management observed the severity in the behaviour of the supervisors and identified the need for a behavioural intervention. This intervention had to be directed towards developing a positive attitudinal change among supervisors. To combat this attitudinal issue, Atyaasaa developed three critical modules. The uniqueness of this intervention was that the modules were delivered in the local language for better reciprocation of supervisors. Andragogy The supervisory intervention strategies comprised three different modules of two days each delivered over a period of two months. The intervention started with thorough research to tackle the exact needs through ice-breaking, rapport building and understanding the inclination towards learning of the supervisors. Module 1 This module focused on ‘personal leadership’ with its core dimensions being ‘interpersonal interaction’, ‘planning and decision-making’ and ‘expectation setting’. The goal was to make the participants aware that they had the potential to facilitate changes within themselves rather than looking for external aid. This module laid the platform to voice anguish and grievances of supervisors. MAPPINGTHEZEALTOWORK CASE STUDY Atyaasaa

Module 3 This module aimed at balancing classroom activities with outbound games based entirely on experiential learning. The module laid emphasis on ‘responsibility’, ‘accountability’ and ‘problem solving ability’. Challenges in implementation A few challenges faced by Atyaasaa were tight schedules of supervisors resulting in frequent cancellation/postponing, pre-work delays and time constraints. Furthermore, aggressive behaviours, anger and unrest of the supervisors led to some amount of resistance at the start of the intervention. Outcome and insight The supervisors displayed a relaxed, co-operative, participative and completely amiable behaviour. This transformation was mainly seen in their personal lives. They reported an overall better performance through showing commitment towards the positive changes from the modules, influencing domestic and professional lives. The management encouraged supervisors to take up newer projects and responsibilities. These projects include innovation in existing manufacturing processes leading to cost savings and higher profitability. Many of the participants reported scoring ‘A’ grades and obtaining promotions post the intervention. The supervisors developed self-awareness and confidence to facilitate change. They strengthened interactions between sub-ordinates, colleagues and managers along with improving family relationships promoting work-life balance. They improved on problem–solving abilities resulting in minimization of conflicts. Due to the overwhelming response and outcome, a sequel to all the three models has been designed in the form of two additional modules of two days each. The results of this sequel are consistent with the earlier experiences.

“Passionately work towards creation of wealth and wisdom, not only money” BEAN STATEMENT Module 2 This module was developed to strengthen ‘organizational leadership’ focusing on ‘team dynamics’, ‘conflict resolution’ and ‘situational leadership’. The goal of this module was to create a sense of leadership among the supervisors and develop them to work in teams.


A psychometric profiling tool is based on seven highly researched professional competencies. It aids in exploring your latent strengths and weaknesses andmaps your competencies aroundyour personality type. This is a standardized tool validatedacrossmultiple geographies and cultures.

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