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issue no 45 | Apr 2012

A situation arose three years ago in a high growth company. The company was facing issues related to internal processes and structures. The organization failed to tap this need which led to supervisors’ discontent and hostility towards the organization. This unrest noticed by the management demanded a solution through a behavioural intervention. In retrospect, the organization had undergone interventions in the form of training sessions that focused on improving the manufacturing processes, but not on behavioural aspects. Intervention strategy The management observed the severity in the behaviour of the supervisors and identified the need for a behavioural intervention. This intervention had to be directed towards developing a positive attitudinal change among supervisors. To combat this attitudinal issue, Atyaasaa developed three critical modules. The uniqueness of this intervention was that the modules were delivered in the local language for better reciprocation of supervisors. Andragogy The supervisory intervention strategies comprised three different modules of two days each delivered over a period of two months. The intervention started with thorough research to tackle the exact needs through ice-breaking, rapport building and understanding the inclination towards learning of the supervisors. Module 1 This module focused on ‘personal leadership’ with its core dimensions being ‘interpersonal interaction’, ‘planning and decision-making’ and ‘expectation setting’. The goal was to make the participants aware that they had the potential to facilitate changes within themselves rather than looking for external aid. This module laid the platform to voice anguish and grievances of supervisors. MAPPINGTHEZEALTOWORK CASE STUDY Atyaasaa

Module 3 This module aimed at balancing classroom activities with outbound games based entirely on experiential learning. The module laid emphasis on ‘responsibility’, ‘accountability’ and ‘problem solving ability’. Challenges in implementation A few challenges faced by Atyaasaa were tight schedules of supervisors resulting in frequent cancellation/postponing, pre-work delays and time constraints. Furthermore, aggressive behaviours, anger and unrest of the supervisors led to some amount of resistance at the start of the intervention. Outcome and insight The supervisors displayed a relaxed, co-operative, participative and completely amiable behaviour. This transformation was mainly seen in their personal lives. They reported an overall better performance through showing commitment towards the positive changes from the modules, influencing domestic and professional lives. The management encouraged supervisors to take up newer projects and responsibilities. These projects include innovation in existing manufacturing processes leading to cost savings and higher profitability. Many of the participants reported scoring ‘A’ grades and obtaining promotions post the intervention. The supervisors developed self-awareness and confidence to facilitate change. They strengthened interactions between sub-ordinates, colleagues and managers along with improving family relationships promoting work-life balance. They improved on problem–solving abilities resulting in minimization of conflicts. Due to the overwhelming response and outcome, a sequel to all the three models has been designed in the form of two additional modules of two days each. The results of this sequel are consistent with the earlier experiences.

“Passionately work towards creation of wealth and wisdom, not only money” BEAN STATEMENT Module 2 This module was developed to strengthen ‘organizational leadership’ focusing on ‘team dynamics’, ‘conflict resolution’ and ‘situational leadership’. The goal of this module was to create a sense of leadership among the supervisors and develop them to work in teams.


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