American Speakout Pre-intermediate Workbook Unit 3


VOCABULARY TIME OUT 1 Complete the sentences with verbs. 1 I’m going to see

B Match answers a)–j) with questions 1–10 in Exercise 2A. a) Nobody. I’m just going to eat some salad and fruit. 2 b) Six o’clock. We’re going out for a meal. c) Yes, we’re getting married in the summer. d) I’m going to read as much as possible in English. e) Next Tuesday—in the morning. f) No. I’m going to Greece next summer, but I’m not going anywhere this year. g) Yes, I’m playing tennis with Jim on Friday. h) Some friends are coming to stay, so we’re taking them up to the mountains. i) No, I’m going out for dinner. j) Yes, do you want to come? 3 Complete the conversations with the phrases in the box. are you coming going to look for are you going ’m talking are you doing ’re going are meeting ’m staying


a jazz band tonight. My

sister says they’re really good. 2 I usually

the bus to work because

it’s easy and it’s cheap. 3 We like to

to a museum on the weekend. You can learn new things, and it’s better than watching television. 4 Did you the photographic exhibition

in the Annenberg? It was awesome. 5 I’m really hungry. Can we stop and a snack from this café? 6 We’re going to later. Do you want to meet us there? 7 I really want to

a drink in the bar

dancing. I haven’t

been for ages! 8 Why don’t we

sightseeing? We can

spend the whole day walking around the city. 9 Where do you want to dinner? There’s a nice restaurant around the corner. GRAMMAR PRESENT CONTINUOUS/ BE GOING TO FOR FUTURE 2 A Put the words in the correct order to make questions. 1 going / vacation / are / you / away / year / this / on?

1 A: Hi, Boris. What B: Nothing much. I


home tonight.

2 A: What are your plans for the summer? B: I’m a job. 3 A: Have you seen Anita? B: No, but I to her later. 4 A: When does your brother arrive? B: My parents

him at the station

at 6:30 p.m.

2 is / dinner / evening / who / your / cooking / this?

5 A:

to the party on Saturday?

B: I’m not sure. I haven’t been invited. 6 A: Where

3 are / going / to / dentist / when / the / you?

for your vacation?

B: We

cycling in the Netherlands.

4 weekend / are / this / doing / you / what?

5 play / are / sports / you / to / this / any / going / week?

6 you / marry / are / to / going / Roberto?

7 what / meeting / you / time / your / are / sister?

8 are / to / English / do / your / what / improve / going / you / to?

9 you / a / the / are / party / on / weekend / having?

10 gym / work / are / to / the / you / after / going?


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