Secure Pay One Fuses Time, Tenants, & Technology for Better Returns and Investor Peace of Mind N ational Property Management Company Secure Pay One is one of

the premier service providers to active, “DIY” landlords in the country. With a na- tionwide roster of clients with real estate portfolios of all sizes, Linda Liberatore, president of the company, has perfected the fine art of efficiency in single- and multifamily real estate management. “It’s all about understanding the true value of time,” she explained. “Time is our most valuable resource, and other types of wealth, including financial wealth and rental cash flow, stem from the optimization of the time we spend on our investment proper- ties.” To that end, Secure Pay One’s clients benefit from a vast array of systems and software that Liberatore is constantly refining and evaluating to determine the best combinations for her clients. Her previous experiences in software development and finance give her sharp insight into the ways in which today’s constantly evolving technological landscape can reduce expenses and increase returns for property investors. “We’ve had many clients come to us facing the threat of foreclosure because they simply are unable to make their investments cash flow, even though they are charging com- petitive rents and have low vacancies. In a multifamily investment in partic- ular, though, failures in your ‘system’ will drain your reserves and leave you struggling,” Liberatore explained. She identified four main issues (and the “hacks” to solve them) that she usually sees in cases where an investor is struggling with property management:

• Do you need to implement time saving processes that reduce vacancies? • Do you need to train your team on tips and hacks for your property management software? • Do you need to take action steps to increase your portfolio and your productivity? • Do you need to reduce risk and increase cash flow on rental properties? • Do you need to utilize YouTube and social media to find the best tenants AND retain them? Enroll in Libby U Take your business to the future of property management. Mention this ad for a FREE strategy session on how to start taking the next steps. Make the best use of technology today and tomorrow! Find out why Smart Savvy Landlords choose the Techxpert Team for Landlord Secrets STRUGGLING TO GROW YOUR PORTFOLIO AND YOUR TEAM?

1. MISSED COMMUNICATIONS The key to communicating effective- ly, Liberatore said, is to offer tenants multiple means of receiving messages so that they begin to get your mes- sages. Multifamily property owners, in particular, find they can often charge higher rates if they offer attractive communication options. 2. FAILURE TO KEEP THE RIGHT CALENDAR Every multifamily investor knows that the calendar is crucial, but most have no idea how many items and even maintenance management can be fully automated using the right project management systems. 3. INNACCURATE WORKFLOW TRACKING “Some things just don’t work in some cases,” Liberatore said. The right method of tracking workflow enables property managers to identify weaknesses in the system early and remedy the problem.


One of the hardest (and most essen- tial) pieces of property management revolves around effective evictions. Se- cure Pay One has perfected the art of assisting a tenant in financial trouble with the eviction process while expe- diting it, if need be, at the same time. “When you help the tenant, you also help yourself,” Liberatore explained, noting that assisting tenants correctly decreases turnaround time and dra- matically increases cash flow. Because Secure Pay One is cli- ent-centric and creates custom sys- tems based on each individual client’s needs and portfolio composition, the best way to optimize your multifamily property management is by engaging the company for a one-on-one prelim- inary consultation. Liberatore and her team are eager to meet you and identify the best ways to start maximizing your cashflow and minimizing your property management headaches today. •



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