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n our technology-driven world, we’d be remiss not

derstanding markets and trends will ultimately allow us to better support you on your invest- ment journey. After all, that’s what Think Realty has always been about. We want you to be successful and grow and enjoy all the benefits real estate investing can bring to your life. So, no matter where you are in the world, I hope you dive into our inaugural print issue of Think Realty’s Housing News Report with excitement. There’s tons of our regular con- tent in this issue like our Local Market Mon- itor and our Investor Stories feature—this time about a veteran helping other veterans invest in real estate. But, this issue also includes more in-depth, data-driven articles that represent the content more traditionally found in Housing News Report . From month to month, we hope the combination of this content gives you a holistic set of resources to make informed investment decisions, be inspired and do more deals. •


to turn an issue of Think Real- ty Magazine toward disruption and innovation in the real estate investment industry. And, honest- ly, I can’t think of a better issue in which to do so than this particular one, our very first print edition of Think Realty’s Housing News Report . For those of you who have been following Think Realty for a while, you know we recently announced a partner- ship with ATTOM Data Solutions, the former publisher of Housing News Report . As part of that partnership, Think Realty has official- ly absorbed H ousing News Report and folded its content into our regular offering, which is why you’re receiving it today. As the CEO of Think Realty, I am partic- ularly excited about this evolution of our content, as it allows us to bring you, our reader, even more data-driven analysis and insight into the world of real estate invest- ing. We believe this approach to better un-




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Big things are happening for us and you at Think Realty! We’re updating how we deliver our content to better serve you as the go-to provider of resources for investors in an evolving industry.

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1.  We’re changing the name of our Think Realty Coaches to Resident Experts. This change better defines what they do and their role at Think Realty: providing expert-level content to you! They’ve walked the walk — they talk the talk — and this new name shows it. 2.  All Resident Expert videos on are now readily available to view, free of charge! You must create an account at, but hey, that’s completely free. To access these features, simply create a free account (it only takes a minute) at Then read, learn, watch videos, and most importantly — grow your REI expertise.

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