> Continued from :: PG 32 Dig Deepwith Data to Find Your Next InvestmentMarket DATASOURCES We’ve established that you need more data than a top 10 article in your dentist’s reading bin will provide. But where does the average investor find this type of information? My primary sources are the U.S. Cen- sus, the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Develop- ment, the Federal Housing Finance Agency (FHFA), The National Association of Re- altors (NAR),, and ATTOM Data Solutions. • > Continued from :: PG 38 Five Steps to Smart Multifamily Investments OF PROFESSIONAL MANAGEMENT Many older units suffer from absentee ownership, misalignment between own- er and property manager, or unsophisticated owners/op- erators who lack profession- alism and an institutional approach. Simply upgrading the units is not enough to improve value; profession- al property management is essential to protecting your investment. These days, that means more than simply hiring someone to keep the property clean and attractive, although those things are important; it also NO. 5 THE IMPORTANCE

means working to make your tenants feel like part of a community. That takes an experienced, professional management team. • > Continued from :: PG 57 If Real Estate is a Hobby, You're Set Up for Failure challenge for part-time investors. You have a whole other life and career that is likely very different, making it difficult to treat your real estate investing as your business. So ask yourself: Am I consistent in my actions? Do I have clarity in my mis- sion? Am I committed to doing whatever it takes? If the answers to those questions are “Yes,” then you are on the right path to suc- ceed as a real estate investor and business owner. •

has pretty much come and gone, as well as govern- ment assistance. Many still don't know their options. Many of the affected were elderly, some widowed, and are either having to enlist other family and friends to help with deci- sions, or make them on their own.” In about six weeks, Met- roRealEstate has cleared several tons of debris on the Fairfield Harbour Golf Course, 119 lots and more than 60 homes in the area. In addition to committing

100,000 hours of communi- ty service, the organization plans to do more. For every 10 homes that MetroReal- Estate rehabs, MetroReal- Estate will rehab one home pro-bono for a widower in New Bern - provided they have enough materials and volunteers willing to help them rehab the homes. MetroRealEstate is ac- tively looking for resources in materials and tools for interior and exterior home rehabilitation, skilled labor for hire and skilled labor for volunteering. •


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Ravaged NewBern

While resources and expertise is vital, so too is emotional support, Brock- elbank said. “Some of the struggle is mental, going through the loss of a home, personal belongings, and heirlooms, devastation to their life and lifestyle, denial, anger, depression, et cetra,” Brockelbank said. “FEMA

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