Walk for Life | Newsletter Vol. - 5

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We opened our 25th cli Ic and ce eb ra ed the 400 0t h foot und er correction. mportan tly we acknowledge h e g rowing support from Rotary Cl ubs around th 8 wor d . 1e mat c hi n g grant between Rotary o u ndation and C lubs i n the Denver area is no w a pproved . h e ost c lub i n Ba g ladeah i s Dha 3 Burigl3Jlga. WFL wi ll r e c ei ve the magnifice t amount of $7 000. r A n Co In A an K. h of Igg4~st t k ians

COh a Buri g n ga 3280 nd RC Park r 5 10

If you onl 10 conduct a session 01 your organ'zation pll!OSf! conlact us.



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