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AICC To Offer Specialty Hazmat Training At 2021 SuperCorrExpo AICC, The Independent Packaging Association, is offering Hazmat Packaging: Roles and Responsibilities Under the HMR and the Production & Maintenance Forum at Super- CorrExpo, August 10-11, in Orlando, Florida Most box makers face the situation routinely: custom- ers want them to supply “hazmat packaging” [4G, 11G, 50G boxes]; and these are good business opportunities often securing large or high margin accounts, but the HMR are complex and tangential to your core business expertise. What are your responsibilities under the HMR? Your customers’? What exactly does your government expect of you? How do we get this right? What are the risks? This seminar focuses on three categories of specific regulatory issues surrounding the roles of the box fabri- cator under the HMR for the tasks the routinely performed on behalf of their hazmat customers and is designed to help answer the questions above including strategies for compliance with the least internal friction. Registration for the seminar is $795. Attendees can also get a discount on SuperCorrExpo registration. More information about the program can be found at www.Su- . For questions, contact Taryn Pyle at (703) 836-2422 or

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