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involved. We learned how to do this back to 2008 when things tightened up and people started wearing more hats. We found we were capable of doing more if we are efficient and focused.” The changes made to in-house processes has result- ed in improvements in productivity and profitability across

stripping. This new diecutter enables us to do both con- ventional diecutting and blanking without losing any time in the changeover. It’s super-efficient to operate in both worlds – blanking and unblanking. We gained efficiency in makeready time and faster press speeds. We run con- stantly at 7,000 to 8,000 sheets per hour now as opposed to 5,000 sheets per hour previously.” Another investment was the purchase of the building next door. For almost 20 years Pulver Packaging operated out of two buildings located across the street from each other. The plan is to connect the main facility with the new building, which now houses the finishing department and includes three folder-gluers, a Kohmann window patcher, CAD and design. A Komori LS640C six-color press with aqueous coating is located in the main building. The press is running about 60 hours a week Market Differentiation In the past 10 years Pulver Packaging has averaged 10 percent annual growth. The new technology is driving this growth, but the real secret sauce is the company’s pro- cesses. “Our processes are efficient and lean. If you do an analysis of annual sales and the number of employees, we are very efficient,” Pulver says. The details of how he achieves these efficiencies are a “trade secret” and a market differentiator, he says. “These efficiencies are based on our purchasing and the people

Patrick Pulver with new Bobst Visioncut Die Cutter.

the entire operation. “It’s not just about saving money. There are a lot of corners you can cut financially. You cut overhead but that doesn’t make you more money. What makes you more money is being busy. You’ve got to sell folding cartons. By becoming efficient there is opportunity to increase productivity. Now you’re making money.” The



July 26, 2021

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