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company uses proprietary software systems developed in-house to achieve these goals. Another market differentiator is the quick turnaround of orders through the short run folding carton program. If a carton blank fits into the short run sizing parameters of

SMART System Modernization & Retrofit Team GET


The installation of the Bobst Visioncut.

Flexo folders/gluers Die cutters (cyclic/CV) Tapes and delivery with ELS Registered printing Winders/unwinders Sheeters

Rotary knives Stackers Pull rolls Slitter/scorers Rotary Shears Double backers Single facers Glue rolls

28-inches by 40-inches, there are no cutting die or print- ing plate charges. “If company A B C wants 500 autobot- tom cartons printed four-color process and XYZ company wants 500 autobottoms that are a slightly different config- uration, if we can get them both on that same sheet we’ll run a combination run,” Pulver explains. He says they receive anywhere from five to 20 orders a day that qualify for a combination run. “There is always a way to combine these runs and make that short run cus- tomer happy.”


Reduce power consumption Reduce waste Increase production Replace obsolete controls Minimize capital outlay Improve accuracy

Minimize downtime Extend machine life

The production floor at Pulver Packaging.

of converting experience know howcan do foryou 40 years See what more than

Cutting dies are sourced exclusively from Johnson Steel Rule Die and printing plates are made in house. On A Personal Note Pulver says he never intended to join the family busi- ness. He was a sixth generation professional musician touring the country, but then he met his wife, Dawn, and decided to settle down and “get a real job.” In December of 2019, almost immediately after he signed the purchase order for the new Bobst blanker, the new gluer, and a CONTINUED ON PAGE 28

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July 26, 2021

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