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the plan, she was going to beat this. She went from stage 4 inoperable lung cancer to six months later we have an opportunity to do surgery to six months after that having no evidence of disease, that’s nothing shy of a miracle.” Regarding the business, the focus is on continued growth and nurturing the next generation. There are sev- eral family members, including Pulver’s two daughters, one of whom is studying business management, and sev- eral nieces and nephews, who might have interest in join- ing the company. He sees no headwinds. “The future looks great. I think we’re getting to a point where this pandemic is going to be behind us. I’m really excited.” At the onset of the pandem- ic Pulver Packaging was one of 40 firms from 20 coun- tries that created an organization called “Fiber Shield” to create single-use, disposable face shields in response to COVID-19 and the global shortage of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) for medical professionals. “It was a great time to use our talent to help out hospitals and front line workers that were screaming for more face shields and couldn’t get them. That was a feel good thing to do our part while we had some downtime.” As far as opportunities for growth, “They are around every corner,” he says. “Just walk up and down the grocery aisles and those are the opportunities to grow. There is a saying, ‘When you’re in the valley looking up, everything looks so big. And when you’re at the peak looking down everything looks so small.’ I really like being in the valley.”

new building, Dawn was diagnosed with cancer, and then COVID hit. After several surgeries, radiation therapy, and chemotherapy, she is currently in a stage called NED — no evidence of disease. Pulver says her strength has been an

inspiration and a driving factor in the business’s success. “She’s a fighter. She has this personality of never giv- ing up. The second after we signed those contracts she got the diagnosis. We talked and she told me to stick with Patrick Pulver’s grandfather, Lyle Howard, started the business as Lyle Howard Company in 1958.


• All electric motor driven • Timing belt controlled • Simple operator controls • Safety Features: - Lockout switches on motors, emergency stop button on the operator control console, mechanical safety locks

• VFD can be adjusted down for different types of loads and applications • Options: - Available as pit or floor model - 90" stack height option - Hand-off system for high speed applicators

The FastStack Load Former is the ideal and safest way to move bundles ergonomically, without lifting to build tiers to the finished unit load.



July 26, 2021

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