Board Converting News, July 26, 2021

Renova Introduces Patented Energy-Recovery Hybrid Brake

‘Revolution’ recovers that energy and returns it to the pow- er line of the plant. Revolution is an Industry 4.0 technology; the integrated system also includes an intuitive and easy to use control panel that enables it to establish a direct dialog with the production systems in the ERP. The user-interface has a color touchscreen that can be set in multiple languages. ‘Revolution’ is 100 percent plug & play. An easy and fast installation is always ensured, as Revolution is provided with customizable flange that allows for it to be retrofit to all roll stands with different shaft or chuck configurations. Visit . EFI Podcast To Provide Content For Packaging Professionals Hosted by Nick Benkovich, Vice President of Portfolio Management for EFI Productivity Software, Electronics For Imaging, Inc.’s new Imaging of Things podcast series will deliver informative interviews and educational content for printing, packaging and marketing service professionals. Beginning July 27, the biweekly English-language podcast will be available at , with each episode archived after airing for streaming on demand. Guests on the podcast will include a range of in- dustry experts and EFI customers who will be sharing their experiences to help others develop their business.

Renova has invented and patented Revolution, an innova- tive energy-recovery hybrid brake.The multi-disc pneumat- ic brake and the energy recovery motor work in tandem, always guaranteeing the required braking performances. Thanks to the electrical axis, the system can also detect and avoid slippage by checking the different rpm between the left and right side of the reel. Renova says that Rev-

olution’ always ensures the automated tensioning of rolls of any size. Con- sequently, it prevents in- juries by eliminating the manual intervention of

the operator. To prevent paper tearing, Revolution accel- erates the roll during the launching phase and assists in overcoming initial inertia, so that the splicing can happen without major slowdowns, improving paper quality and preventing waste, a fundamental goal for safeguarding the plant’s economics. Usually, more than 1kW of excess energy is wasted every hour during braking activities and converted into unwanted thermal energy. Instead, Renova explains that


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July 26, 2021

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