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Avoid The Blunders (CONT’D FROM PAGE 46)

file is the user photo. Using a photo that is casual, that is old or that is provocative is missing a great opportunity to showcase a level of professionalism. A photo is a visu- al precursor to a job interview or lecturer. Investment in a professional photo is also a wise one as it can be used in a variety of digital ways. By keeping the photo current, net- work members are also easy to identify in other settings (remember those trade shows?). Try Instead: Even a quick shot with your mobile can work. Have direct lighting and natural is best (morning or late afternoon). Capture from the shoulders up and mini- mize distractions in the background. Blunder #4 : Posting on politics. While many may have an opinion on the current political climate, sharing polit- ical viewpoints may not be the best decision. Posts and articles on LinkedIn should highlight expertise, provide knowledge and leadership within an industry and share resources that can help networks. Political postings do not fall into these three categories. These may also be off put- ting or polarizing to current and future networks. Try Instead: If you wish to share political viewpoints, consider posting to another social media channel. Keep the LinkedIn channel focused on how to provide profes- sional leadership and insight. Blunder #5 : The social channel is LinkedIn, not Love Con- nection. With so many other dating apps and websites available to find a soul mate, LinkedIn is not the place to request a connection with the purpose of asking someone out. Not only is this request unprofessional, it can easily come across as creepy, especially for women. LinkedIn us- ers are using the platform for career and networking and expect others to do the same. Try Instead: Use LinkedIn for its primary purpose, namely professional networking, and save the search for love to those websites or apps that have been specifically created for that reason. LinkedIn has amazing potential to connect with ex- perts, learn about new trends in your industry and discov- er new career paths and positions as you explore options. LinkedIn can work well for digital connection and profes- sional networking, especially if these blunders are avoid- ed. These small modifications can unlock new networking opportunities and strong professional engagement now as well as in the future, and help establish your credibil- ity within both your industry and your organization. With these missteps avoided, you will be able to more easily harness the power of LinkedIn in your professional prac- tice and take your career to new heights. Lisa Apolinski is an international speaker, digital strate- gist, author and founder of consulting agency 3 Dog Write. visiting for mor information and to book her as a keynote speaker.


July 26, 2021

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