Rue & Primavera - April 2018

April 2018

A Spring Update

I ’ve been working with a patient who Navy wife. She’s been married for 22 years, and her husband has been on deployment on and off for 17 years of their marriage. He’s currently in Japan. This patient is one of my favorites because she is truly incredible. She has a son, and while her husband serves our country, she takes care of their child and home, assuming the role of both parents. After learning more about this patient’s life, I asked her, “How do you do it?” She responded, “I knew what I was getting myself into when I married a man who wanted to have a career in the Navy. I do this for my country.” Although it is unfortunate that she has to come to our clinic to get therapy for her hand injury, I am forever thankful that I met her. One of the greatest aspects of my job is that I get to meet people from all walks of life and learn their stories. There is never a day I leave the clinic uninspired. This month, Easter fell on April 1. When the kids were younger and living at home, Wendy and I would celebrate by cooking a breakfast never fails to brighten my day every time she comes to the clinic. This woman is a

of pancakes and bacon, and my eldest son hid eggs around the house and in the yard for everyone to find. Our neighbors often joined in for the egg hunt, and afterward we would enjoy a relaxing day together. We don’t celebrate much anymore now that the kids are grown up, but we relish the times when they make it over for an occasional holiday meal. “There is never a day I leave the clinic uninspired.” Funnily enough, April Fools’ Day and Easter fell on the same day this year. Wendy and I don’t pull pranks on each other, but one of my favorite pranks was one that Wendy pulled on her kids when they were young. She and I have been married for 14 years. When we were still dating, Wendy decided that she wanted to introduce

–Tom Primavera together as a family. I hope you had a great Easter. We look forward to seeing you soon. her children to me, so I invited them to my home. At that time, one of the houses on my road was in incredibly bad shape; the porch was collapsing, rusty cars sat out front, and the roof barely had any shingles left. I’m not sure whether this was premeditated or Wendy decided to pull a prank on her kids on a whim, but as she approached the shabby house, Wendy slowed down, pulled over, and said, “Here we are!” All of the kids started crying and telling Wendy that they didn’t want to get out of the car. She laughed and said, “April Fools’!” and continued driving down to my house at the end of the street. As the weather gets warmer, Wendy and I will be going to the beach more often. We also hope to make a trip to our vacation home in New Jersey to hang out with the kids and spend quality time

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