November Newsletter 2022

The meeting held on October 29th was out of this world. We got the chance to have Thomas McCastle with Ambassadors For Christ. He taught our gentlemen life lessons and showed scenarios where you can learn from them. Thank you for coming out. In addition to that our sponsor Tom W Scott provided our gentlemen with do- nuts for breakfast to start their day off right!

Happy Halloween! Today was a success! We had the chance to pass of candy to the students and staff at

34th Elementary School. It was great seeing those smiles on their faces and hearing them cheer. Thanks, Ms.

Claudette White for allowing us to do this for her students and teachers.

November 3rd was an astonishing and helpful day for our gentlemen. We had the chance to have two great

speakers today. One was Dr. Reginald Wilson, had talked about hard work, self-discipline, and having a com-

fortable attitude. In addition to that leading by ex-

ample and doing the right things when no one is

watching. After that awesome speech, no other

than Dexter K. Lee came and demonstrated how to

successfully tie a bow tie. With that demonstration,

he talked about how tiny details are very important

and matter. It can change significant situations. One

important thing he said was “ Be a leader in truth not

a legend in your mind.”

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