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HalloweenUsed to Be Simpler BUT IT’S STILL A TON OF FUN

I’ve learned this lesson the hard way more than once, so I always try to start costume shopping early. “Try” is the operative word, because I don’t always succeed. There has been more than one panicked trip to Party City on the eve of Halloween. By that point, you’re competing with dozens of last-minute shoppers hoping to find something that fits their kids. It’s about as much fun as it sounds. Last year, I finally got my act together and had costumes for both of our kids ready in advance. I was very proud of myself, until the time came to get everything ready and I realized I had misplaced the costumes. “You have got to be kidding me,” I thought to myself as I turned the house upside down looking for the costumes. When we couldn’t find them, it was back to Party City to purchase replacement costumes. My daughter, Elaina, actually ended up liking her substitute costume more than the original. As fate would have it, I ended up finding the original costumes during spring cleaning. Another change I’ve noticed is that while some kids have costumes that look like they were handmade by a fashion designer, others go out for candy wearing regular clothes. When I

was growing up, you didn’t even think about trick-or-treating unless you were dressed up. Yet every year there are a number of children who ring our doorbell and aren’t in costume. Now, we’re not about to turn anyone away, but it’s a little strange, right? The fact that both of our kids have peanut allergies requires my husband and me to be diligent candy checkers. Once the kids get back from their rounds, they know that the candy bag has to go to Mom first. We dump out the contents, remove anything that contains peanuts, and then dole out the candy over the course of the next few weeks. If the kids had it their way, they’d eat all the candy in a day or two. Halloween may not be as carefree for parents as it is for children, but it’s a great deal of fun no matter your age. I love seeing all the kids in costumes and the smiles on their faces. Will I ever be the world’s best costume maker? Probably not, but maybe this year I won’t lose the costumes altogether.

W hen I was a kid, Halloween was a holiday we always looked forward to, but it wasn’t the production it is today. At the earliest, we bought our costumes a few days before Oct. 31. The costumes were nothing to write home about, either. They came in a box that contained a plastic outfit and a mask. You were lucky if they remained in good condition by the time you were done trick-or-treating, and more often than not, seams would break and pieces would fall off. It didn’t matter to us, though, because we just wanted to have fun and get some candy. Today, it’s another story entirely. Every kid wants to have a unique costume that will wow their friends. A costume-in-a-box doesn’t cut it anymore. Instead, you need to get clothes, makeup, accessories, and whatever else you can think of to add a special touch. If you think you’re going to wrangle all the necessary components in one trip to the store, you’re sorely mistaken.

–Lashonda Council- Rogers, Esq.


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