Aging in Place - August 2018

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Meet another one of our stellar PTs!

Mary Ann Gargano , PT, MSPT, CAPS, has 19 years of experience. She graduated Magna cum Laude from Long Island University in New York in 1999. She has worked in three different states and in various settings, including in-patient acute care, respiratory and cardiac rehab, outpatient orthopedics, assisted living, nursing homes, and home care PT. Her experience treating back pain and other orthopedic diagnoses is extensive, including continuing education classes that broadened her knowledge base in this area. She has also taken many courses specializing in manual therapy techniques treating the upper, mid, and low back. Mary Ann has extensive experience treating other conditions successfully during her career as well. Her interest in PT started in her 20s, when she injured her left knee playing volleyball and was sent for physical therapy to avoid surgery. In six weeks, she was up and running, literally. Impressed by her success, and already having an interest in medicine and sports, she went back to school and started training to become a physical therapist. Her career in physical therapy has been a very rewarding one — she gets to help people feel better, function better, and have an improved quality of life.

August may be void of any major U.S. holidays, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t events worth celebrating during the eighth month of the year. Perhaps owing to its location on the calendar, right at the peak of summer, August plays host to some of America’s most unique festivals and events. No matter where you are on the map, there’s something remarkable going on this month in or near your neck of the woods. Here are a few of the August’s bucket-list events. A MIDSUMMER NIGHT’S FESTIVAL August Bucket-List Events For much of American history, lobsters were considered the “cockroaches of the sea” and awarded no culinary prestige. Around the turn of the 20th century, however, their reputation as a delicacy began to grow. Diners in Boston and NewYork helped raise the prestige of Maine lobsters, which are now as prized as truffles from Piedmont and bluefin tuna from Japan. It’s no surprise, then, that Maine lobsters have an entire festival devoted to them. During the first weekend in August, upward of 30,000 seafood fanatics from all over the country head to Rockland, Maine, to dine on the country’s most famous crustaceans. In addition to lobster in every form imaginable — grilled, boiled, served in bisques, and heaped on buns — the Maine Lobster Festival features local art, music, and games for kids. It also crowns a “sea goddess” during its yearly pageant. Oh, and if you want to burn off some calories, there’s a 5K and 10K race during the festival. MAINE LOBSTER FESTIVAL August 1–5 Rockland, Maine

127 YARD SALE August 2–5 Addison, Michigan, to Gadsden, Alabama

Summer is yard-sale season, and they don’t come any bigger than the 127 Yard Sale. Billing itself as “the world’s longest yard sale,” it features more than 2,200 vendors from the Midwest


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