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Often, the cause of back pain is poor strength -- specifically, weak abdominal muscles. The pelvis is held in place by numerous muscles, including the abdominals, hamstrings, gluteals and hip flexors. An imbalance or weakness in these muscles can lead to pelvic misalignment, causing the pelvis to tilt forward or backward. Forward tilt of the pelvis leads to a sway back. In addition to abdominal weakness, a lack of strength in the gluteals and hamstrings leads to forward pelvic tilt. While the abdominals stabilize the pelvis by pulling upward on the front, the gluteals and hamstrings offer stability by pulling down on the rear of the pelvis. Exercises must be done to strengthen both the abdominals and gluteals. Running gives the gluteals a good workout. The abdominal muscles can be conditioned through physical therapy and easy weight training exercises. ARE YOU RUNNING AS WELL AS YOU SHOULD? Problems with running increase as we age and are a leading cause of falls and disability in older adults. At least 20% of adults over 65 have problems with running. This further increases to 50% in adults 85 years old and older. Most of these problems with running are associated with underlying diseases.

Did you know that the way you run, could be causing your back pain? Most people have something in their style of running that can cause long termwear and tear. For example, a foot turned-out, a weak abdomen or poor posture contributes to stress on their body. We are trained to treat running disorders and teach corrective running techniques. By changing the way you run, it is possible to eliminate and prevent back pain. On a daily basis, you run more than any other physical activity. How you run defines most everything about you, including your physical abilities. We can help you discover that something about the way you run, may be the reason you have pain and help you change it. YOU RUN OVER A MILLION STEPS IN A YEAR Your run involves many body parts, all interacting together to produce your running style. It’s as natural as breathing, and if any of your six (two ankles, two knees, two hips) weight bearing joints are not in good alignment, you’re at risk for structural pain. One minor running error repeated millions of times can do an incredible amount of damage to your back, muscles, nerves and joints. This can eventually cause pain and arthritis.



Perform This Exercise To Relieve Low Back Pain In Minutes!

1. Call and consult with a physiotherapist at one of our locations to discuss your pain and symptoms.

2. Your physiotherapist may suggest exercises or precautionary measures to relieve or avoid pain. 3. If further assessment is needed to find the cause of your paint, your therapist can schedule an appointment with you.

PRONE ON ELBOWS While lying face down on your stomach, slowly raise your upper body up and prop yourself onto your elbows. Hold for 30 seconds. Repeat 5 times.

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