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I have been challenged by knee injures since high school. Two prior knee surgeries and a recent “aggravation” of my right knee have been frustrating. But I have not let it stop me. My wife, Cindy, and I just completed our first “Tough Mudder” race. It is a run where you get the chance to do a number of obstacles that, as the name implies, will drag you through the mud or challenge you physically.These events are not about being the fastest, but completing the obstacles. Many of the obstacles require you to depend on the assistance of your fellow “mudders” and in return, provide assistance to others for successful completion. In getting ready for this event, we looked at a number of videos showing the obstacles and describing strategies on how to successfully complete them. Watching these videos made us question if we could do this, or maybe more accurately- should we be doing this. It is interesting how other’s thoughts (their videos of the obstacles) and our own self-limiting beliefs (we are older than the participants we see, recent injury, are we actually in good enough shape, etc.) kicked in a fear response. This could have paralyzed us, or even kept us from trying. I think this is normal in many aspects of life. From relationships, to professional lives and

certainly related to our fitness/personal health. Fear, or self-limiting beliefs keep us from acting. We avoid starting doing the things we need to do or stopping the bad habits we get in the rut of doing. I think this is often related to how we handle, or avoid handling,many injuries.Wehavetheself-limitingbeliefs that can sound like excuses: “I don’t have enough time”, “it’s too expensive”, “I can’t do it”, “I’m too old”, “it’s my normal”, “it’s too late for me” or “it hurts when I….. so I don’t do that anymore” just to name a few. What is interesting is the fear or self-limiting beliefs are not actual obstacles that can’t be overcome. They may be like some of the obstacles in our Tough Mudder race, where you need the help or encouragement of others to overcome. Sometimes it is just starting that knocks out the fear to overcome an obstacle. And like our recent experience, when you get started, it’s usually not as bad as your mindmade it.The rewards/satisfaction of completing a goal, or overcoming an injury, generates more confidence to overcome future challenges! If you are struggling with an injury that is keeping you fromdoing the things you want to do- consider this an invitation. We would love to help in any way possible in getting you back in to the things you want to do.


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