You've got a friend in me: supporting yourself and others

5 Wholesome Acts within the friendship group that made me feel warm and gave me a bitta joy during lockdown so far 1. Vlogged stuff It became a thing for us to be sending each other VLOGs, often featuring us doing very normal things. Cooking, cleaning, visiting the supermarket. The kind of things that once upon a time would have received the reply, “no one cares what you’re having for tea” or whatever. But now, I proper care. Some days I’ll just be sat there staring into distant space and bypassing all tasks that I coulda shoulda woulda usually been filling up my day with. Slobbing, lounging about, wondering what are my friends doing right this moment, so to receive videos of them making bread or pesto or just walking around a supermarket and narrating the things that they wouldn’t usually The internet feels cluttered sometimes, and it’s where I live most of my daily life right now. To step out of it for a moment and engage in some (legally & morally abiding, yet physical) social interaction gave me a bitta joy. Physical in the sense that I am sending a physical object via the actual physical post. It feels like a romantically outdated act. We now have a communal sketchbook circulating. Also, I was clearing out some of my treasured junk and spotted a couple of things that I thought a couple of my friends might appreciate (materials, fabrics, art student-y things that no longer fit my colour palette) and posted it to them. 3. Virtual parties Even as a semi-extrovert person, I found the thought of this quite daunting. Group video calls can feel clunky and awkward. But I was pleasantly surprised when we had our first gathering in the Houseparty app. Seeing many of my classmates, live, on the screen together, yet in their natural habitat, was fun. At times I’ve just sat back silent and found a bitta joy in watching them bounce off one another, like the good old days. We organised a get together, and I got that overwhelming wave of excitement that you get when you fancy a bev. So, a bev (or 4) was had. Got a bit tipsy and spent most of the night furiously shouting at a virtual game we played. I understand that drinking isn’t for everyone, and it definitely shouldn't be encouraged if your mental health isn’t tip top right now. But that was a right laugh, and something that I wouldn't have imagined myself doing in a billion years (pre-corona times). Oh, and a pub quiz on Zoom, that was splendid. And is pretty easy to set up, if you fancy yourself as a quiz master (and doesn’t need to involve a drink!) give themselves time to acknowledge gives me a bitta joy. 2. Sending and receiving actual, physical post


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