You've got a friend in me: supporting yourself and others

4. (Inter)Netflix ‘n’ Chill You’re probably already aware that Netflix allows you to get together with other Netflixer’s and have a virtual movie night. How real does it feel?! Love that. 5. Online peer review/objective directed meeting talking about things other than COVID-19 Probably, like most university students right now, I have been very demotivated when it comes to making work. And (so I’ve been told) that’s fine, it is a global crisis after all. We hear idealised stories of people who turn crises into productivity, and amazing things happen. ‘He who can turn negative situations into something positive, has learned the law of transformation, his mind empowers life.’ Yano, these quotes are flying about everywhere. That’s great. I’m happy for anyone and everyone who has reacted in this kind of way. For the people who haven’t, hearing these quotes and stories can be crippling just as much as they are inspiring. A couple of my friends have set up a peer review on Zoom. They suggest that we can bring a piece of writing which we’ve created to the table, and that the group will chat about it. Casual stuff, no expectations. I think that this is a really good way of creating some kind of gentle work to share with others, and chat to your peers about thoughts you’ve been having. This feels especially important to us, as we're used to working in a shared studio. The bulk of daily life is to just share ideas with each other and see what one another thinks. Also, I’m hoping that it’ll be a steppingstone to feeling a bit calmer about my first one-to-one Zoom tutor meeting.


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