You've got a friend in me: supporting yourself and others

In person: • Check out a new cafe/restaurant or just walk around an area of your city or local area.

• Living in a highly populated area can sometimes seem suffocating and overwhelming, so why not suggest a day out to the countryside?

• Be a tourist in your own city! I know I always go out to central London, but I have never been to the Tower of London or been inside Buckingham Palace.

• Gather your friends and have a picnic in the park or have a potluck to show off your newly acquired cooking skills.

• When you spot a friend’s red flag, you can spend time doing each other’s hobbies.

• Downloading an app like Sweatcoin can motivate you to walk and go out more. It simply converts your steps into Sweatcoins which you can exchange for products or donate towards charities. You can also follow each other!

• Summer is just around the corner and that means outdoor cinemas will also start popping up.


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