You've got a friend in me: supporting yourself and others

• Making something from scratch can be a meaningful experience - I went to a tray making workshop with my friend and we both loved it! Check out @ktgillies_surfacedesign on Instagram and look out for her online workshops.

• Be mindful of what you are saying and how it can come across. Perhaps instead of saying “calm down”, “there’s no need to be so anxious ”, try “I know you’re scared, but I’m with you”, “thank you for trusting me and telling me how you feel” or “it’s okay to feel like this and these are feelings that you will figure out”. Avoid phrases that dismiss a person’s feelings and makes them feel bad.

• You can both write letters to your future self! lets you write letters so that you can receive them in a year or 10 years. It can be a way to let all out all your feelings, without having to show anyone and surprise your future self.

• At the end of the day it is a friendship which binds you guys together. There will be a time where it might feel like every conversation will about their feelings. You are allowed to make a situation about you too.

From afar: You’re stuck at home, with the exception of exercising near your home and shopping for essential items. Here are some ways you can socialise with people even if you can’t see them. When this pandemic is over, the examples may remain as some ways to socialise with people who are ill or can’t leave home for other reasons. Whilst we are in this weird, scary situation it’s time to think in a creative, compassionate way and stay in touch with those you love.


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