You've got a friend in me: supporting yourself and others

Should I make Banana Bread? I’m sure I’m not alone when I say I do not bake. However, all of a sudden, I feel pressured to bake banana bread every time I see it pop up somewhere on social media. I love baked goods and I love taking aesthetic pictures of them before I eat, but I never felt the need to bake anything until now. People around me have described this time as a “wellness retreat” or “time to do things you always wanted to do but never got to”. At first, I was lost because I suddenly had all this time and I honestly didn’t know how to act! Eventually, it became a time to do nothing and to chill from the stress of final year at university and the back-to-back deadlines at the beginning of the second term, yet I felt like I couldn’t chill since I was taunted by all the pictures of banana bread. I admit - I have already fallen prey to the Dalgona Coffee trend and you know what’s funny? I don’t even drink or like coffee. I made it, took my aesthetic photos to post on Instagram and watched the likes rack up, feeling smug that I was one of the first to try it. I was never one to be obsessed with trends, and the fact that I made a viral coffee drink and how I felt peer pressured by bread told me that something was off. I knew it was unusual for me to suddenly want to do these things and I thought that maybe, I might have just discovered another red flag of mine. It’s classic FOMO (fear of missing out) or the need to do things that ‘cool’ people are doing online so that I can feel relevant and ‘in’ and actually say “I did that too!” The thing is, there is only so much we can do as we #stayhome and I am using my phone more than ever before in order to help curb my boredom, but at the expense of my mental wellbeing. Not only was it banana bread bothering me, but also people showing their ‘Quarantine OOTD’ made me question if I should dress better and wear something other than the various sweatpants and jumpers I’ve been wearing for the past few weeks. Not to be dramatic but I took the FOMO feeling as a hit to my self-confidence, which was slowly improving, so I was not happy about feeling that way. But with all the time in my hands and not much to do, I couldn’t help but dwell on the thought that I can do more cool stuff and do better with my time. The way I saw it, social media seemed to have turned into a place where people were showing how amazing their quarantine was going compared to yours and how fun they were making their time at home.


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