You've got a friend in me: supporting yourself and others

In the end, I made a vow to limit my time on social media and on my phone and instead actually do things to improve my mental and physical health. I made this easier for me by not being in the same room as my phone or placing it out of reach. Now, when I’m scrolling through social media, I don’t spend a long time going through my feed or stories and instead look at the accounts which actually help me. A few people I check daily are Dr Hazel Wallace (@thefoodmedic) and Alice Liveing (@aliceliveing). Dr Hazel posts daily updates about Covid-19, and I find it a great alternative for those who become too anxious and overwhelmed when reading articles or watching the news. Dr Hazel even posts recipe ideas that are NOT banana bread. Alice Liveing goes live on Instagram every morning to do a workout, and even posts home workouts regularly which I love taking bits from to create my own routine to follow. Remember: there is no right way to spend this time at home. Let’s not forget that at multiple points in our lives we wished we had time to sleep-in or time to cook ourselves proper meals, so don’t feel pressured into making it THE most productive time of your life and don’t compare your quarantine activities with anyone else.

Banana bread isn’t even all that. Brownies though…


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