You've got a friend in me: supporting yourself and others

Socialising with friends is difficult at the moment with increases in group chat activity and not much thought about effectively communicating. Group chats are great for limited communications but only if mixed with vocal or face to face (at the moment digitally) communications. So much is lost through messages; body language, tone of voice, social nuances are increasingly hard to understand when you are missing information. It can be difficult and exhausting too, continuously having small talk with many people every day. My advice to others who are perhaps on the introverted end of the spectrum is to take things easy. Maybe try and plan some phone calls with friends, but don’t plan for too many. We see people on social media having 5 group chats a day – if you’re having none, it doesn’t mean you’re ‘doing lockdown wrong’, you’re just doing lockdown in the way that’s best for you. If you reach out to a friend and they seem distant or miss your call, try again – communication and openness is really key in times like this. In this time, we should communicate in safe means that work for everyone and are mindful of people’s needs and boundaries.


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