You've got a friend in me: supporting yourself and others


Usually, I spend Monday-Friday at my art studio at Central Saint Martins. The studio I’m in fosters collaborative relationships and there’s pretty much always someone there to tell you whether your work is good or not. We’re a close-knit group, so being without them is a tough. In the making of this zine, we spoke a lot about looking out for friends whilst looking out for yourself. I’ve shared a few things we got up to regarding this. I hope it helps. The mental health of myself and others is my no.1 priority right now! - Ciara.

Hey guys! My name is Pamela and I am a 4th year BA student at SOAS. I've always liked sticking to a routine but because of this global pandemic, I can't help but feel annoyed and frustrated about my sleep schedule being messed up, the gym having to close down and my final year of uni coming to an abrupt end. Ever since Covid-19 struck, it felt like bad things just kept happening and it affected me negatively that I felt like I was back to square 1 in terms of my mental health. Although now, after a few weeks into lockdown, I am starting to find my new normal and can actually do things I've been meaning to (like restarting The Witcher 3 on my PlayStation after watching the series on Netflix). I enjoyed working on this zine and hopefully the content we have created can help you and comfort you in some way. Stay home and stay safe everyone!


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