You've got a friend in me: supporting yourself and others

Hi everyone! My name is Ken and I am a Masters student at the Institute of Education, UCL. During the four years that I’ve been in higher education, I definitely feel that the importance of mental health has gained much presence in universities across the UK. We now see the word ‘mental health’ everywhere in the university: it’s on flyers, posters, events, websites, seminars, etc. etc.… The institution I went to as an undergraduate even renovated a room in the library into a nap room to tackle students’ stress and mental health! Thanks to that, I believe many students are becoming increasingly aware of the importance of looking after their own mental health. However, experiencing mental health problems yourself or finding out that people close to you are experiencing such problems are a lot different from awareness or knowledge. For whatever reason you’re reading this, I hope the contents will assist you through your journey with your experience associated with mental health.

Hello, my name is Rebecca and I am a part-time Postgraduate Fine Art student. I have always struggled with mental health and neurological differences and I am in the midst of trying to get a diagnosis. Like everyone, my life has suddenly dramatically changed. I hope that the skills and understanding I have learned through my personal struggles come across in my article and is of help to someone in this increasingly stressful and uncertain time.


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