You've got a friend in me: supporting yourself and others

...But how do you tell someone close to you that you’re not able to help them? It’s difficult. How can I phrase this without sounding like a bad friend? The answer is an honest explanation. “I don’t think that I can identify with what you’re going through. I know I’ve done some research and know who it would be good for you to talk too...” “I can understand. I’m trying to deal with my own mental health issues currently. I’ve discovered a great resource/website/technique. You should have a look...” “Please keep checking in with me, I’m really concerned about you... But I do not feel equipped to solve your mental health issues. I think that you need professional help.”

How to set boundaries: Again, it’s difficult. You want your friends to feel like you are always there for them. But if it is consuming too much time, maybe you can suggest some negotiations. “I need to take some time out from socialising.” “I need to focus on my own thoughts at the minute.” “Can we agree on how we are going to keep our relationship healthy.” ... Agree on time you’re going to spend talking about mental health. Agree on other activities/topics that you’re going to engage in. Agree on helping each other out to find the right resources.


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