You've got a friend in me: supporting yourself and others

2. Being the one seeking help and comfort from friends or family. We can agree that talking to people is important. Sometimes it can be daunting but the right thing to do. As a semi-extrovert, I find it surprisingly difficult to open up to people sometimes about my emotions and mental wellbeing. More recently, I have become more familiar and comfortable with it, and speaking to other people about feelings has definitely helped me understand these emotions more, most of the time, and the normality of these emotions. But I often worry about exerting too much onto someone and it in turn damaging them. It’s important to open up to people you trust. I think. But if you know that they’re already in a mentally unstable place, maybe it's not the right time or person. Boundaries are different in every relationship and every situation. But if you are starting to feel strains, if your family or friends are relying too much on your energy, remember that you need that energy too. Remember you are not a mental health professional. You do not have all of the right answers or techniques for your friends and family. Acknowledging this is beneficial, for both of you. (Even if you are a trained professional, you might not have all of the answers or be in the right frame of mind to take everything on and that is okay too!)


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