COVID-19 affords you an opportunity to rethink your business

Adopt the digital conversion The current crisis is upsetting consumers’ buying habits and more and more of them risk resorting to the Internet. E-commerce is a worthwhile solution that is occasionally even essential to compete if you are a merchant, a retailer or even the owner of a tourism enterprise. This is indeed a good time to consolidate your online presence, which will enable you to better reach your customers and visitors and to more extensively promote your products and services. Is your business experiencing a slowdown? This is the ideal time to review certain business practices, enhance or automate processes, or find innovative solutions. The digital transformation offers a genuine development opportunity, especially in the manufacturing sector. The Ministère de l’Économie et de l’Innovation is offering guidance to SMEs that wish to adopt the digital conversion or consolidate their approach. Find out more.

Do you have a business continuity plan?

The COVID-19 pandemic is undoubtedly posing several challenges for your business, especially with respect to the measures to be implemented to comply with public health directives. This situation is certainly raising questions in your mind about its impact on your employees and your organization’s resilience. Moreover, it is no doubt also encouraging you to review your ways of doing business and find solutions to mitigate the crisis’ repercussions. This forced paused can also be viewed as an opportunity to rethink certain aspects of your business and to prepare for its revival, since the current situation, while exceptional, is temporary. Here are some avenues for reflection and possible solutions.

Take advantage of this opportunity to implement or update your business continuity plan. The elaboration of such a plan affords an opportunity to reflect on the means of reducing the negative impact on your business of adverse events. Worst- case planning means that you can establish strategies and take precautions that will enable you to pursue your operations or resume them sooner, minimize losses, and protect your employees, assets and even your reputation. The plan will provide responses. There is no need to be a large business to maintain a business continuity plan. Proven methodologies exist that are well adapted to SMEs. Moreover, the Ministère de l’Économie et de l’Innovation has prepared the Guide de gestion de la continuité des activités pour les petites et les moyennes entreprises québécoises to help you. Be sure to consult it.

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