New Zealand's Sub-Antarctic Islands - 2008

Another amazingly ironic disconnect: while New Zealand is being overrun with brushtail possums, there is still an odd import business which thrives fairly well—frozen brushtail possum meat is imported into NZ from Australia for human consumption! Why don’t New Zealanders who like this meat hunt the creatures in their own country where they are such an enormous pest? Seems like some enterprising hunter types could create a little business of their own selling the creatures to their fellow countrymen. What a great way to support the activities of DOC, right?

Next, we will move on to a discussion of the various sites where DOC has been active and achieved such splendid success. These success stories greatly contribute

to the support that DOC consistently wins from the New Zealand humans. Even the rarely visited Subantarctic Islands achievement stories are communicated regularly to the populace so that folks can understand the great strides being made in those remote places as well.

Now let’s see how this wonderful agency works in the places we visited on this fascinating Zegrahm trip to wonderful New Zealand!

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