New Zealand's Sub-Antarctic Islands - 2008

Chapter 4. Wellington Wellington is the capital of New Zealand and it sits at the southern end of the North Island. It is a pretty city, arranged around a beautiful and calm harbor. In that it reminds one of Sydney, except that it is not so large nor the architecture so grand. It also calls for comparisons with San Francisco, built as it is on hills stepping down to the sea. But again, Wellington has much more modest demeanor, though it does have its wonderful Beehive Building for Parliament to sit in and the new and modern Ta Papa National Cultural Museum!

However, it was not those sights that impressed us, or indeed that had brought us here to begin our expedition to pristine New Zealand.

The most seminal aspect of our visit to Wellington was the opportunity of touring Karori Wildlife Sanctuary -- an island of restoration within the city limits. The most amazing fact about Karori is its creation through the efforts of private citizens.

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