New Zealand's Sub-Antarctic Islands - 2008

Chapter 17. Conclusions

Our visit to the Subantarctic Islands of New Zealand was an enjoyable success in everyway. The scenery was unspoiled and wildly beautiful. The animals are charming even if not particularly handsome—such as the dragon tuatara reptile. The birds are so different because of their isolated evolution. The plants are strange to us but very lush and lovely. The Clipper Odyssey is a comfortable and maneuverable ship with a friendly and helpful staff and Zegrahm Expeditions provides the most expert guides in the world anywhere they take their customers. We had renowned ornithologists, geologists, marine biologists, geographers and geologists, historians, botanists, and evolutionary biologists all eager to make our trip to this special part of the world more meaningful to us. And a really special facet of the trip was learning about the terrific and effective conservation programs run by The New Zealand Department of Conservation with huge majority support of the Kiwis themselves both those of European background and the native Maoris! In this remote part of the world where evolution has produced such singular beings and plants, it also seems to have allowed Homo sapiens New Zealandiensis to become a true human being who is concerned with the natural world as well as himself! What a privilege to be among them for a while.

Good job, DOC!

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