Together Apart-(E)

towards a change? Do we see this pandemic as an opportunity to decipher how everything and everyone on this planet is intertwined? Do we question which world is a better place to live in: the one before or the one we can potentially create after? We all need to ask these questions to ourselves and see how we can contribute towards the greater common good of the planet we share and call our home. Humansbondover commongrief or threats. COVID-19hashelpedus, insome ways, to forget our animosity towards one another and find a commonality via our fear. Collective destinies replace individual destinies. I hope we learn from this pandemic that we are all in this together. Babar Iqbal is an eternal optimist, empath, bibliophile, and recluse who loves looking at sky. He is someone who tries to find poetry in prose, humor in tragedy, and hope in calamity.


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